Monday, August 1, 2011

Molestation : what should a child know

Molestation is an ugly word. But still everyone needs to know what it is. Touching and exploiting someone sexually is molestation. A child should always be explained what is the difference between good and bad touch. Along with this if a child complains about a bad touch it should be taken seriously and a steps should be taken against this.

Today I am saying this because I was a victim. A victim of child abuse, a victim of adolescent molestation and it continues. But I can proudly say that I had all the strength to fight this as an adolescent. 

When I was a child I went to see a doctor , a skin specialist for something which had happened on my face. I realised that the behaviour of the doctor was weird and I was at first scared. Then I told my parents and they made me feel it was ok and they just did not complain about this anywhere. The only solution they came to was : not to take me to that doctor anymore. This happened when I was in class 6th. 

Another incident happened when I was in UKG!! My neighbour a guy 6 years older to me, whom I addressed as 'Bhaiya' (brother) insisted in playing s game where he would be my husband : he tried to just touch me, I was terrified and ran away. I told this to his sister but she said I should just shut up and that her brother was mad. 

But I understood one thing , this had nothing to do with my age, my clothes or anything else. It was because of the demon in those men.

Later when someone tried to do something similar I had my answer ready. I had practiced hard, I knew how to hit so hard that any man would fall down bleeding and that is what I have always followed.

I too was a timid girl but I decided to fight and not be scared.

The best you can do is to spread the message and teach your kids what is good and what is bad and support them when they encounter anything bad.